3 Critical Steps to Getting Your Ex Back

You have just been told that it is over by your partner and you are left scrambling, trying to pick up the pieces – can life get any worse?

At this point in the breakup, it is natural to want to make the pain stop, plain and simple. In fact, almost everyone goes through this in the beginning and they are willing to do whatever it takes to feel better again.

The thing is that, in our haste to “fix” the problem, we end up making some of the worst possible moves. We end up acting out of desperation because we either try to talk our ex back into the relationship, or we refuse to give up until they tell us the “real” reason they decided to end it. Behavior like this is going to get old very fast and your ex is going to start despising you in very short order.

That is what happens in most cases and it is the reason that most of us are unable to get back with our ex after a breakup. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are people who are able to turn things around relatively easy.

The  one thing that these folks have going for them is the fact that they are able to function normally, even after such a traumatic experience. If the breakup has devastated them, they do not appear affected. The bottom line is that they are not getting emotional about things and they are acting in a responsible manner in the aftermath of the breakup. Actions like this are what is needed to get your ex back.

If you are struggling at the moment, here are 3 steps you can take now.

1. The most important thing now is to make sure that you don’t contact your ex for any reason. If you have to talk to them, just tell them that you accept the breakup and you wish them the best. If you do this in a convincing manner, you are telling them that you are stronger than they may have given you credit for. You are telling them that you are going to handle things as an adult and they are not going to be getting desperate messages from you every hour on the hour.

2. Make sure that you don’t lose your temper. This is something that can happen very quickly and easily if you are at the point where you believe you have nothing to lose. It is something that can happen instantly, and before you know it, the words are out of your mouth and the damage is done. While it may feel great to tell your ex exactly what you think of them, getting your own back like this is something that is going to give you short-term pleasure and long-term grief. If you feel as though things are getting out of control, do the smart thing and simply walk away.

3. It is important that you show your ex how you are getting on without them. You have to show them that you are doing okay and if you manage to do this convincingly, you are taking away any power that they had over you. In fact, you may find that they change their attitude toward you quite drastically if they know that you are getting on with your life and you appear to have gotten over the breakup. Note that I said appear.

You are playing a psychological game, whether you think so or not. What you say and do immediately following the breakup is going to determine your fate. Make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap that the majority of people do.

Yes, it’s true that you have a very narrow window to do the right thing. That is why getting professional help is a good idea. Have a look at some of the courses out there that are designed to help you get your ex back. Step by step, they take you by the hand and guide you through this mine field – if there is any way to get them back, this is going to give you your best chance. Why should you consider buying a course like this? Well, the fact of the matter is that most folks don’t have a clue what to do after a breakup and they make decisions that ruin their chances for good. That is where the advice of an expert can be invaluable. Here is one of the best courses on the market.