3 Reasons They Will Never Come Back

While you may be going through the fight of your life right now to get your ex back, did you know that there are certain conditions under which you stand no chance? No matter what you do, your ex is unlikely to ever come back. Even if you do things by the book and allow some time after the breakup and take it slow – it isn’t going to matter.

You could say that it’s out of your control.

Yes, regardless of what you do after the breakup, there are certain circumstances under which you’ll never get your partner back. Here are 3 reasons you won’t get your ex back any time soon.

You dated out of your league

Anyone who is determined enough can usually get someone at their level or above. If you lucked out and managed to get someone who is clearly out of your league, then you may be in for heartache – both during the relationship and after the breakup.

During the relationship you are going to find that you’re always fighting off others who want what you have. They can see that you are out of your league and it may appear easy to just come in, flirt with your partner and steal them away.

Also, you’re going to be going out of your way to please your mate because, deep down, they are going to know that they can do better. This may occur on an sub-conscious level, so don’t be too hard on them. If you ever notice they are treating you poorly for no apparent reason, maybe that is why.

After the breakup, they are going to re-evaluate things. No doubt, they’ll move back into the level they should be at. Even if they don’t right away, they are going to quickly discover that they haven’t been dating to their full potential once they ease into the single life again. In other words, they will start attracting people who are at their same level.

Not only are you a level below, but they have had time to get used to you. The initial attraction phase has run its course and there may be things about you that they don’t care for. Unless they are in love with you unconditionally (why would they be dumping you then?), there isn’t much chance that you’ll talk them back into the relationship.

You were abusive

While some people just keep going back to abusive mates, this isn’t usually the case for most people. If you are abusive, then you aren’t likely to get your ex back – plain and simple. There are certain things that you can’t forgive and that’s one of them. No doubt, it took a lot of courage for your ex to leave you and now that they’re free, there’s no way they’ll want to relive that nightmare.

If you were abusive and your ex left, take your lumps, learn your lesson and move on.

You cheated

Not many of us can forgive someone for cheating. While you may want to with all your heart, there is always going to be that doubt and the feeling that you can’t trust your partner. The logic is that if it happened once, it can happen again.

It’s hard enough to convince your ex to come back to you if you didn’t cheat – imagine how difficult it is when you did. Not only are you going to have to convince them that you are the one, you have to gain their trust again. Not an easy thing to do and that’s the reason that you likely have no chance at reconciliation if you have cheated.

Having said that, couples get back together all the time after one partner has been unfaithful. Just remember that your odds are greatly reduced.

There you have it! 3 reasons your ex is never coming back. If you fall into any of these categories, you’re probably better off cutting your losses and moving on.

If you don’t accept that, I get it. Nothing means as much right now as getting your ex back. If there is even the slightest chance at getting them to reconsider, you are going to take it. Having said that, have you considered using text messages? This explains the method. It just may be the ideal tactic for you.