Drunk Dialing

We all know there is a huge potential to make colossal mistakes after a breakup. The need to understand what just happened and maybe even the need for revenge is something that many of us struggle with.

Those urges can be overpowering… and the results, devastating.

Given that, doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to prevent those kinds of actions from taking place at all?

Of course.

However, it isn’t always as straight forward as that.

Especially when alcohol is involved.

Now, I am not going to make this post all about the evils of alcohol. In fact, I have a few beer every now and then and I can honestly say that I enjoy it. The problem with drinking after a breakup though is very different.

For many people, drinking to forget your problems is the norm. It is socially acceptable, it makes you happy (at least in the beginning), and it makes you forget. And that is exactly what you need after being told it’s over – a way to ease the pain.

But the thing with alcohol is that it loosens us up a little too much. It emboldens us and, at the same time, clouds our judgment. If there is anything on your mind before you drink, you can be certain that the solution to your problem is going to come to you after your sixth beer :).

How could you have been so stupid?

The obvious answer to all your pain and suffering is to phone your ex and pour your heart out. Never mind that you have already contacted him/her a dozen times today. Nope, don’t worry about that.

Because now you’re really feeling it. You know what you are going to say. You know that your ex is not going to be able to refuse your charm. You have all the right words – and that is the part you’ve been missing.

You become elated at the thought of getting your ex back. It can’t fail.

And then it happens… an hour later (and even more beer), you finally pluck up enough courage to call your ex and “turn on the charm.”

And that’s all well and good… but there is one tiny problem…

Your ex knows you’ve been drinking (you may think you’re hiding it well, but they knew the minute you started talking) and that is going to rob you of any credibility you may have had. To them, you are now just some desperate drunk that is not talking no for an answer.

Impossible to talk sensibly to. Impossible to reason with.

In fact, they may already be fed up with the calls you made to them earlier that day. And that was when you were sober. Now you’re drunk? Hmm…

The fact that you thought they were going to cave in during this call should have been a red flag. Haven’t you already given it your best when you weren’t drinking?

But doesn’t alcohol have a way of making us larger than life? Able to deal with problems that our sober, daytime selves just can’t seem to fix?

Okay, all that is a little tongue in cheek. However, the fact remains that it is never a good idea to phone your ex while you’re under the influence. Resist this urge with every fiber of you being because nothing good can ever come from it – ever.

You’ll just have to trust me on that.

Of all the preventable actions you can take that will help you get your ex back, not phoning them while under the influence has got to rank way up there.

Yet we see it all the time.

Oh well, another life lesson some of us have to learn.