Ex Left You? Maybe It’s Your Personality

Does it seem as though everyone is having the time of their lives – except you? Do you envy people for having a seemingly bountiful life and for being genuinely happy? Well, though you may not think so, this attitude of yours has probably cost you a lot – including your previous relationship.

If you are reeling from the shock of losing your love and all you can think about is how to get them back, you may want to stop for a second and think about how you are handling everything else in your life. What you may find is that losing your ex is just something that happened as a result of your outlook on life and the way you react to things. In other words, you may be trying to fix the symptom, when you should be trying to fix the cause.

Sound like a lot of psychological babble? Perhaps, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at other areas in your life and try to recognize some similarities. It stands to reason that if you are struggling here, you would also be struggling in the romance department.

One thing you may want to consider is how you get along with people in general. Do you have a lot of friends? Are you easy to get along with and generally likeable? This can tell you a lot about who you are.

If you do not have a lot of friends, and people are a little standoffish with you, there is a reason for it. It is not likely that there is something inherently wrong with you that you have no chance of fixing, it is more likely that you have an opportunity to change your life for the better by tweaking a few areas of your personality.

It all comes down to personality. I know that there are things about you that you cannot change, but there are also some things that you can change that are going to give you a great new perspective on life. You would be surprised at how quickly you can turn things around.

If you are withdrawn and have very few friends, there is a good chance that you are not able to truly connect with others – and there is a very good chance that you were not able to connect with your ex on an intimate level. In addition, you may have been very insecure in the relationship – unsure of yourself and always fearful that it would come to a crashing halt. This self-fulfilling prophecy could have been hanging over both of you for a long time.

For someone who has little in their life, a relationship could mean everything. It may even start defining who they are as a person as they become more and more attached. The idea of losing it may seem too much to bear. In fact, it could feel as though no one is ever going to fall for you again and that you “lucked out” securing this one relationship. Could this be why you were possessive and did not trust your partner?

There is no guarantee that you are going to get your ex back. The good news is that time is going to fix everything for you and you are going to start feeling better in the coming days and weeks. However, if you don’t fix your personality, you are likely to keep making the same mistakes.

Wondering where to start? Well, make it a point to start connecting with people again. The more contacts and friends you have, the less you are going to feel as though your relationship is a one-off. You are going to feel confident that you can go out there and find someone else if things don’t work out. Just knowing this is going to make you seem a lot less needy, and that, ironically, is going to make you look more desirable and confident in your partner’s eyes.

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