Get Back With Your Girlfriend

In order to get back with your girlfriend, you are going to have to make a commitment to take the necessary action to make things happen. Things won’t get better if you don’t resolve to make the right moves now.  But, don’t worry, the steps aren’t that difficult.

No matter what your situation is at the moment, and no matter how desperately you want to get back with your girlfriend, the very first thing you need to do is to get a handle on your emotions. Being highly emotional is going to cause you to make some serious errors in judgment and some of that behavior can permanently damage your chances of getting her back.

Do whatever it takes. If things are really bad and you have no control over how you are reacting (ie, you are phoning or texting her every 5 minutes), you need to take drastic measures such as removing yourself from the situation so there is no chance of doing further damage. One solution is to go on vacation by yourself or with a friend and leave the cellphone at home – remember, drastic times call for drastic measures.

Once you are over the worst of your emotions, you aren’t out of the woods yet. You see, you may still have an overwhelming urge to contact her and “fix” the problem –  not a good idea. You are only going to wind up looking desperate and needy and that is the absolute worst thing you  can show her at the moment.

If you really want to get back with your girlfriend, you are going to have to play the same psychological game that she is playing. You are going to have to play a little hard to get in order to get some of that power back. Once she knows that you are not about to rush over and make amends, she may just start to think about how much you really mean to her. Sometimes, you have to lose something to realize how valuable it was in the first place.

After a few weeks, you may be ready to contact her again. Try to increase the likelihood of bumping into her by showing up at places you knew she frequents. This is better that simply phoning her out of the blue and makes it look a lot more innocent and less manipulative.

Play it cool and treat her as you would any other friend. Don’t cave in and start telling her that you are still madly in love with her as this is going to destroy any progress you’ve made. Charm her, but keep your distance. No romance, no flirting, no dredging up the old relationship. Make her see that you are doing just fine without her.

So, how badly do you want to get back with your girlfriend? Are you willing to put in the effort to make it happen? If so, you need to start working on a brand new battle plan right now. Following these steps will be an excellent start and it’s something you can put into motion right now.

Still not sure about how to get started? What if there were a blueprint you could follow that showed you, step by step, what to do, and when to do it? A plan that virtually guaranteed your success.

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