Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Getting your ex boyfriend back really isn’t that hard. What complicates things is the fact that you are forced to deal with an incredible amount of emotion after the breakup. This can cloud your judgment and really make you act in ways that cause more harm than good. Fortunately, it is usually short lived.

Here are five mistakes you are likely making at the moment that will ensure you never get him back:

Keep the drama down to a dull roar – According to some experts, women may be a little more comfortable with emotion, but when guys are confronted with emotional situations like crying, their natural reaction may be to run the other way.

Don’t be too obvious – The first thing many women do after a breakup is to make themselves more attractive by dressing to kill, getting a new hairstyle, getting a makeover, or even losing weight. But this is not how you behaved when you first met. In fact, it was likely that you weren’t really trying to get him at all. You could afford to play it cool, because you probably had other guys interested at the same time. This challenge is what made you attractive to him in the first place. Now, it may be obvious that you are trying a little too hard to impress and it is coming off a little desperate.

Keep his friends and family out of it – If he won’t talk to you, you may start feeling a little desperate and resort to contacting his friends and family, but this could backfire in a major way if it gets back to him. And the chance of it getting back to him is good because their loyalty is going to be with him, not you. Unless you have a very close relationship with those friends also, asking about your ex or getting people to pass on a message may put you in a bad light. If you must do this, pick one friend that you can trust and try to get them to understand you a little better first.

Don’t resort to playing detective – In the worst case, it might make you look like a stalker, in the best case, it will annoy your ex and make you look desperate. Sure, it may be bothering you not knowing what he is up to, or who he is with, but knowing isn’t going to make things better. In fact, this is how you can really increase your own stress level and make the situation much worse. Are you better off not knowing what he is up to? Yes, in most cases, because if it involves another woman there is nothing you can do anyway.

Try to understand his point of view – Though it may look like he is intentionally making your life miserable, you should really try to see things the way he does. Don’t look at it as you against him; instead, try your best to understand him. You may even want to talk to other guys (your own friends) and try to get some sort of idea where he is coming from. This can go a long way in easing the tension you feel right now.

Getting your ex boyfriend back is not impossible. In fact, many women are successful at doing this. What is the secret? Well, they simply follow a proven plan.

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