How To Win Back The One You Love

So something has gone wrong and after years of being together your relationship has come to an end and now you find yourself asking “how to win back the one you love?”.  First of all, you can do this – remember, however, that love is first and foremost about patience.  You can’t force this along so be prepared to do what it takes.

The first step in how to win back the one you love is to get away from them and get back in touch with yourself first.  There are reasons and usually legitimate reasons why you broke up – you need to spend some time examining those.  A relationship involves two people and even if one person cheats on the other, both share in that responsibility.  There is a reason why it occurred.  The cheating is just a consequence of something that was probably building for a long time.  If you truly love this person, regardless as to why you split up, you have to be willing to examine what you did to contribute to the deterioration of the relationship.  There are two sides to every problem, every argument, every fight.  If you just want to live in the “blame” world, then you will never enter the reality of what occurred.  Blame will get you nowhere.

After you have got to those core issues, do something about it.  Don’t approach your ex, let them see the changes in you.  Don’t tell them how you’ve changed, show them – let it be apparent in your actions and your demeanor that you are a different person now.  Then begin to date others.  This may be hard for you, but it is necessary.  You don’t have to be unfaithful to the love of your life, but you do need to show him or her that you have moved on.  Don’t be surprised if they get back in touch with you very quickly.  Be prepared for this and stick to your guns.  How to win back the one you love can be the most rewarding journey because ultimately you will win back yourself along the way, and that is the person you should most love anyway.

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