Living With Intention

Are you allowing life to push you around? Are you content with thinking that this is just the way it is and you have to deal with it?

Are you allowing the breakup to define who you are? Are you cringing, thinking about how your ex can hurt you even more than you’re already hurting?

Then you, my friend, are not living your life with intention. And I don’t mean to say that to be hurtful.

You see, unless you decide to take control of your life, you are going to be affected by forces that are indifferent to your plight.

Unless you take control, you are going to succumb to the whims of the universe…

Take your ex, for example. Even if they aren’t intentionally trying to hurt you right now, they are still renting space in your head – big time. You are allowing them, and the breakup, to affect your entire life.

And if they really are being intentionally cruel to you right now, well, it’s just that much worse now, isn’t it?

You wake up each morning and you can barely get out of bed. You feel sick, distressed, anxious, and depressed. The world is suddenly a horrible place and there is an awful, persistent feeling of doom and hopelessness. No joy. Nothing to look forward to. Because, as far as you’re concerned, your life is one big pile of shit.

That is what happens after a breakup. Or, what I should say is, that is what happens after a breakup when you don’t live your life with intention.

Even if all you do is decide you are going to do one thing for yourself, that is a good start. It can be anything.

What if you decided that you are going to call your ex to arrange to pick up your stuff and wish them a happy life?

What if you decided that you weren’t going to contact your ex for any reason from here on out?

What if you decided that you were going to push yourself to go out with friends this weekend instead of wallowing in pity at home?

How good would it feel to actually be experiencing life on your terms – to experience something because you decided that’s what you were going to do instead of having life decide for you?

There is nothing more fulfilling than living your live and making your own decisions – whether that decision turns out to be good or bad, it’s still your decision and way better than the alternative. Hey, if it’s bad, then at least it isn’t the result of you doing nothing and letting fate and other people determine what you experience and how you feel.

As a side benefit, your ex is most certainly going to notice that you’ve changed. A new energy. Just something about you that they can’t quite put their finger on yet…