Making All The Wrong Moves With Your Ex? Here is a Solution

Have things really hit rock bottom? Are you making all the wrong moves? Do you feel as though your ex has had enough of your games? Have they stopped taking your calls? Can you feel your relationship slipping through your fingers, despite your best efforts?

As bad as things may be at the moment, what you need to do is start putting things in perspective. Yes, the situation is extremely difficult right now and you may feel distraught, but what you are feeling is something that just about every adult will go through at some point in their life. What you are feeling is normal and it’s not something you should be beating yourself up over.

While your behavior may be a little erratic, you should remember that it is being fueled by pure emotion. Eventually, this will subside – whether you think so or not.

But don’t underestimate your emotions. They are a force to be reckoned with, and you are setting yourself up for failure if you attempt to take them on face-to-face. That’s why so many people continue to make bad decisions after a split. They believe they are in control of their emotions and that the decisions they make are rational.

In order to give yourself a fighting chance, you should consider removing yourself from the situation until the worst of your emotions are over. Sounds a little drastic, but it is one sure way to ensure that you aren’t tempted to send just one more text message or email professing your undying love for your ex. That’s the last thing you need at the moment.

Right now, nothing you say or do is going to make a difference when it comes to your ex. In fact, you may be at the point  where they are simply dreading having any contact with you at all. You need to desperately get out of this rut or you’ ll never have another chance.

Call up a friend, go out and do something to take your mind off the relationship. Better yet, take some of that unused vacation time you have. A week away can do wonders.  Keep your destination private, don’t take your cellphone, and make sure it’s far enough away so that you can’t easily contact your ex partner.

Drastic? Maybe, but it will help you put things in perspective while letting your ex know that you have a little more self-esteem than they gave you credit for. In fact, they may start wondering why the messages suddenly stopped – and that’s a good thing. Let them start thinking about you for a change.

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