Life isn’t easy…

Even though our modern society insulates us from much of the harshness of nature (starvation, disease, freezing to death, and other immediate threats), we still have to deal with things like loss. The death of a loved one or loss of love, for example.

This can really weigh on a person in the weeks and months after an incident and, as a result, it wreaks havoc on your mental well being.

Now, everyone handles things differently, but I am willing to bet that when most of us are dealt a massive blow like this, it can feel as though things will never be the same again. Like the best part of life has been torn from us and we are left to deal with nothing but misery. No future, nothing to look forward to…

Sound about right?

Well, having nothing but misery in your life can eventually take it’s toll on you. It prevents you from taking part in the good things life has to offer because you are mired down with grief.

It prevents you from socializing and connecting with people, which, in turn, can result in even more depression. It stops you dead in your tracks and makes sure that you’ll get no joy or pleasure out of anything life has to offer.

Yet, few of us have a choice. You can’t fight something that is affecting you right to your core. Something that is so overpowering. Ultimately, we are left to simply suffer and exist until we start feeling better.

By the way, one does start feeling better. Because, fortunately for most of us, it’s a temporary thing. As is so often the case, time comes by and washes away your grief and enables you to carry on. It’s like a reward for weeks and months of misery.

All you have to do it stick it out and have faith that it will happen.

When it comes to break ups, the real mistake most people make is that they try to fix the situation and they won’t accept the fact that it’s over. Of course, try to talk it out in the first few days just to make sure you’ve at least tried to salvage the relationship, but after that, the best thing you can do is cut off contact and make yourself scarce for awhile.

Try to deal with your grief by finding distractions. Sure, you’re still going to be thinking about the breakup, but if you’re lucky, you’ll forget about your problems for a minute or two each day. Over time, you’ll find yourself obsessing less and less. Every day that goes by is going to get better.

Misery is something that you can’t avoid after a breakup, but it’s up to you how you deal with it and how long it lasts.

One other thing to remember: There is a lot of misery in this world and many individuals don’t have options. There are people in this world that are starving to death and realistically see no way out. There are others who are disabled and some who are dying that have no chance of things getting better. At least you know that you’re eventually going to recover fully.

Think about that for a second…