Revenge is a silly human trait. It takes a lot of energy and is usually carried out to protect one’s ego as opposed to an actual threat that must be taken care of to ensure survival. In other words, we would be just fine if we decided not to exact revenge and get our own back.

Yet, the urge to make things “right” is strong… almost overpowering.

Certainly, it’s a topic you could read volumes on.

If you search a little online, most people are in agreement that we are the only species to exhibit such behavior. And if it looks like an animal is exacting revenge on another, it is usually more of a survival instinct and they are eliminating a threat.

In short, there is nothing to be gained in the animal kingdom unless there is a threat.

In the human world, well, it’s a completely different story.

Let’s take road rage: Here is the ultimate example of someone needing to get revenge just for the sake of getting revenge. There is nothing to be gained by escalating a situation between you and another driver, yet you see it all the time. Personally, I believe I’ve been angry enough to do someone physical harm after a road rage episode. I hate to admit it, yet I also know the majority of us have experienced the same thing.

Animals don’t do that. Unless there is something to be gained right that minute, or they are defending themselves, animals don’t go crazy over someone disrespecting them – haha.

Revenge is something that I believe comes with higher intelligence. It is not necessary for survival, yet our evolved brains seem to need it – sometimes desperately.

Certainly, insecurity plays a huge role. Have you ever noticed that the more insecure a person is, the more likely they are to need revenge if they’ve been wronged somehow (assaulted, disrespected, cheated, made fun of, or hurt emotionally)?

And it’s that last one that you need to be careful of right now.

Hurt emotionally.

Your ex just hit you with an all-out emotional assault. You’re reeling from the blow and it’s making your life a living hell.

In the coming days, you are going to go through a lot of different emotions. And eventually, you may find yourself getting a little angry (especially if you are trying hard to get your ex back and they want nothing to do with you). But it’s not just anger. It’s a combination of anger and hopelessness. You have tried every trick in the book and nothing is working.

It’s at this point that you may feel the need to get revenge. You want to hurt them as much as they are hurting you. You’ve tried everything and the situation hasn’t improved. There is little to lose.

Usually revenge takes the form of some derogatory comment. In the heat of a full-blown argument, it’s so easy to say something just to hurt the other person. Most of the time, you don’t mean it, but you say it anyway. And more often then not, you are going to know the exact words to say for the maximum effect.

There is no going back from this.

Once you decide to use it in your arsenal, you have burned your bridges.

Cutting your ex down verbally in a no-holds-barred fashion may make you feel better for a minute, but it has long lasting implications.

If you are getting that emotional, get the hell out of there. I mean it – just shut-up and leave right away. Resist the urge to exact your revenge. You’ll be glad you did!