Step Back a Bit. Place It On a Shelf

You know… the problem with emotion is that it can take over everything in your life if you let it. Causing you to see nothing but the bleakness of the situation at hand.

Being in a state like this can cause you to forget everything else that is going right for you in this big wide world. And that is really a shame.

How are you feeling right now? And no, I’m not trying to be funny.

I bet you’re feeling pretty low. And that’s to be expected.

But can you do me a favor? Try your hardest right now to push those feelings aside. Take a step back and try to put things in perspective.

You have so much more in your life than this. Sure, you’re hurting like you’ve never hurt before, and you’d give anything to get your ex back, but it isn’t the end of the world, and certainly not the only thing in your life.

Your number one goal right now? Well, if you want to feel better, muster up the courage to step back from where you are. Stop obsessing about the breakup, the reason your ex called it quits, or what he/she is up to right now.

Clear your head of that at all costs. And no, I am not saying to forget about your relationship, just put it on the shelf for a moment.

No, I mean really put it on the shelf.

The following may seem a little weird, but just open your mind a little and give it a shot. What have you got to lose?

Imagine that all your grief – everything that is causing you pain right now is bundled into a physical package. Imagine a box of sorts that is small enough to lift and maneuver. Take that box and place it on your imaginary shelf. Sounds a little silly, but just try it.

Concentrate on this until you get a clear mental imagine of placing your relationship, your ex, the negativity, jealousy, paranoia, stress, hopelessness in that box. Rid yourself of everything that is making you feel bad. Pack it all up and seal your box.

Put it on the shelf.

How do you feel? If you still feel any negative emotion from the breakup, then you haven’t put everything in the box.

Leave it on the shelf for a bit.

Are you able to see what’s left after all that? You know, those amazing things that give you joy and purpose. Other areas of your life that you’ve been ignoring because of this dark cloud that’s been dominating your thoughts since the breakup. Your life is not dependent on your relationship or how you are being treated by someone else.

All that dark negativity is now on the shelf. Keep it there as long as you need to.

Experience the joy of life for a change.

Whenever you start thinking of your ex, the relationship, the breakup, and the pain you feel, just remind yourself that it isn’t possible because you packed it up and it’s sitting on the shelf. Removed from your life for as long as it sits there.

A neat little trick if you can mentally visualize it and make it happen.