Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back

There are some steps to get your girlfriend back that are pretty easy, so don’t panic.  Let’s get right into what those steps are.

1.Don’t try so hard.  Come on, this never really works.  If you’re doing everything you can think of to get her back, and it isn’t working, why keep pounding your head against the wall.  Presumably your break up had a reason, and no amount of dramatic gestures or flowery prose is going to wipe away that fault.  So don’t bother wasting energy this way.

2.Take care of your self.  Have you picked up a few pounds since your relationship started?  Well, get off the couch and join the gym.  You’re not doing it for her though, you’re doing it for you. She may or may not notice your efforts.  If she doesn’t, you can feel confident your next girlfriend will appreciate the work you put in to it.

3.Don’t be such a downer.  Misery may like company, but nobody likes the company of the miserable.  Find things to get excited about.  Go out, and make sure you have fun when you do. Try to be upbeat.  If you’re in a good spirits and she sees it, she’ll probably wonder why.  At the least, she may be a little jealous, at the most she’ll remember what it was about you that caught her eye in the first place.

4.Be complimentary.  Being bitter towards your ex is never going to get her back.  She’s not going to want to come back to your bed if she’s been hearing stories about you trashing her behind her back. Keep the bad mouthing to a minimum, it’s just polite.  Also, if you have a chance encounter with her, compliment her.  Be sincere, but don’t over do it.  The point is to make sure she knows that you still think she’s a great person even if you two have split up.

5.Limit your communication.  If you’re going to get her back, you’re going to have to remind her that you don’t need her.  The less you contact her, the better you do this.  Try to avoid talking to her if you can.  If she calls, return the call, but never initiate the conversation.  Also, try to keep the conversation to a minimum.  You’re trying to demonstrate that you can be friendly and open towards her, but at the same time that you’re not sitting around trying to make up excuses to call her.

In short, it isn’t impossible to win your ex girlfriend back.  You just have to know how to go about it.  These steps can be a great way to do just that.  What’s more is if they don’t work on her, they probably will have some positive impact on your relationship with your next girlfriend.

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