Two Things You Must Do After a Breakup

Do you feel as though your life is never going to be the same because your ex partner decided to call it quits? Do you feel as though there is a huge hole that will never be filled? Has all the joy in your life been replaced by hopelessness and despair? Well, as bad as that sounds, you have a huge opportunity to make things right again and get them back for good.

There are two things you have to do right now: you have to get rid of the worst of your emotions, and you have to stop any negative behavior before it causes too much damage. Lets talk about each one.

It is no secret that people are extremely emotional after a breakup. This can last from a few days, to several weeks. I am not talking about feeling down in the dumps (that can last for months), no, I am talking about that period of time where you really lose sense of who you are and you start feeling panicky and acting paranoid. This is where most people make their mistake. They allow themselves to be consumed by their emotions and end up making a bad situation a lot worse. Strangely enough, if all they did was nothing and found something to do during this critical time, they would be a lot further ahead.

This is the perfect time to get away for awhile. If you are able to take some vacation time, do yourself a favor and pack your bags. Of course, the only thing on your mind may be trying to fix your relationship, but you have to fight those urges and just get away if at all possible.

And that leads us to the next thing you absolutely have to do if you want any chance of getting your ex back in the near future.

Let’s fast-forward a few months. Your relationship is over and you have managed to get on with your life. You look back at some of your actions in the days following the breakup and you can’t believe it was really you doing all those things.

Harassing your ex with phone calls and text messages every half hour, begging and pleading with them for another chance, losing every last ounce of dignity and respect as you fight an overwhelming urge to maintain contact with them is not a behavior that is going to do you any favors. You are not going to get your ex back just because you are too stubborn to take no for an answer. Even if they did take you back because they felt sorry for you, how would you feel about it? How would it feel to be on pins and needles knowing that they took you back because they felt guilt or pity? You would be better off just starting your life over with someone else.

And speaking of pity – I can guarantee that pity does not create attraction and desire. Unless you are able to make them feel attraction and desire, they are going to be with you for the wrong reasons. Your behavior at the moment may not be exactly what it takes to make them want to be with you.

Take a step back and think about what you are doing. If you are flying by the seat of your pants and you are responding to whatever move your ex makes, then you are not in control of the situation. Is this really where you want to be?

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