When Your Ex Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Regardless of what reasons people give, more often than not, there is more to the story when it comes to breakups and the reason behind dumping someone.

For example, there is a good chance that your ex dumped you because they fell out of love with you. They wanted to move on because they knew it was over. It wasn’t fair to them, and it wasn’t fair to you.

Such a mature and noble attitude, huh? Haha.

Nevertheless, it’s something that you are now left to deal with.

Love is a complicated thing. Oftentimes, we don’t have a choice when it comes to falling in love and staying in love. It’s likely that your ex didn’t plan all this. I doubt that it is part of some diabolical scheme to ruin your life and leave you a shattered mess.

Who would do that intentionally? You really have to think about that.

Chances are, it’s just as hard for them as it is for you. The only difference is that they are taking a more mature look at things and they are taking action. Would you rather you both stayed in a loveless relationship?

It’s so easy to blame your ex for all this. After all, who are they to crush your soul like that? After everything you’ve been through together. Well, yes, that’s what makes it so emotional – you feel betrayed by the person you are closest to.

In the aftermath of the breakup, you’ll be doing some soul-searching. And one of the biggest questions you’ll have is how you got to this point. Was it preventable?

There are a thousand reasons that people fall out of love. Everyone is unique and every relationship is unique. Maybe there were signs you should have noticed, but would it have made a difference? You’ll never really know.

Yet, you just can’t get it out of your head.

Here is the thing: Once you fall out of love, it’s likely for good. It’s extremely unlikely that those same feelings are going to return. This is something that we have little control over because it happens on so many different levels.

Don’t blame your ex. Don’t blame yourself.

After all, what could you do differently? Would you want to live your life walking on eggshells for fear that your partner is going to suddenly realize they don’t love you anymore? No, not really. If you did, what kind of life would that be? You’re in a relationship, you should live your life true to yourself and take a chance that you’ll both be just fine as time goes on.

Remember, you can’t force someone to love you, no matter how hard you try. So why not live a life with intention and passion. What will be, will be.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in a different place – one in which your ex has already called it quits. I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be okay, but if they have truly fallen out of love with you, then you have a long road ahead. There is a chance that you can repair things and return to a normal relationship again, but it’s going to take time. Love has to happen on it’s own – you can’t force it.

Time is the key here. The only chance you have is that things will develop naturally again. You can’t talk them back via text, email, etc. In fact, the more you contact them now, the less likely it will be that you’ll eventually get back together.

Best to get on with your life and hope for the right opening some day.