Your Ex Girlfriend Has a New Guy – Is it Really Over?

Have you lost your girlfriend to another guy? Perhaps she decided to try again with her ex? As far as traumatic events go, nothing comes close to the pain you feel when your girlfriend decides to take up with someone else.

Even though there are likely some bad feelings over this, the fact of the matter is that you still love her and would be willing to give her another chance – all she has to do is say the word.

If you aren’t willing to give up on her, here are some steps you can take that could help you get her back sooner than you think:

One – You may want to consider dating other people for a while. Nothing serious, just a few casual dates. This is going to help you put things in perspective. If you are still hopelessly in love with your ex girlfriend after playing the field a little, she may just be the one for you.

The other advantage to dating other women is that you are showing your ex that you are able to get on with your life just fine. This shows them that your whole world doesn’t revolve around them and that you have the confidence to carry on despite everything that has happened. In a way, you are upping your perceived value and they may suddenly find themselves mysteriously attracted to you like never before.

Just don’t go overboard and make it look obvious that you are trying to make them jealous – it could easily backfire.

Two – An once of prevention… One of the best lessons in life is that it is sometimes better to prevent something from happening in the first place than to have to deal with the aftermath. And in the event you are faced with one of life’s challenges, you need to ensure that you learn the lesson so that the same mistake isn’t repeated.

Are you clingy, needy, jealous, boring? These are all things that could contribute to the deterioration of the relationship long before she actually ends it with you. If you suspect that your relationship is not what it used to be, nip it in the bud and find out how you can change your fate before you find yourself alone.

Three – Understand that she likely left for a very good reason. If you feel that she left you because her new boyfriend has something that you don’t, you are probably way off the mark and thinking like a victim. Think of it more in terms of – What was there about you that she simply did not want to deal with anymore? Were you getting a little sloppy with the way you looked? Well, you can fix that. Were you taking her for granted? Did you abuse her emotionally? These are all things that you need to look at and fix.

You aren’t going to force her to come back to you (especially now that she has another boyfriend), but you can set the stage to give yourself a fighting chance if/when the present relationship ends by working on things that caused her to leave in the first place.

Take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences. Put a plan of action together to better yourself. Hopefully, she will see this change and decide that you are, in fact, the one she should be with.

And just remember: Don’t interfere with her present relationship. As much as it kills you to see her with someone else, you are going to have to rise above that and actually become the guy she wants to spend her life with.

Are you stuck without a plan while you girlfriend drifts further away? Do you feel as though every move you make is the wrong one? Well, it is never to late to fix that. Here is a tried and tested method to Get Your Girlfriend Back.

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